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What is BIT?

BorninThailand, comes from a very simple concept. The objects, in particular, the handmade ones, are not made, but they born. They born from the earth, in the form of raw materials and from the skilled hands of the artisans who shape it. We are here in Thailand to know the history and tradition behind every single gesture, to learn, steal with our eyes and document processes that are too often lost. We want to share our modest knowledge and vision of design with them and create together a family of products that can tell their story and the route we are travelling together.


Short story

We are two guys with a lot of determination and a great desire to smile, who want to explore the world and the people around them.

We don’t feel designers, even if we studied Product Design at university. There we met and we understood that we would like to combine life, passions and work. We walk together, trying to make design not just a way to live, but above all, a way to be happy and give a little emotion to people that would come into contact with us and our projects happy too.

We have achieved milestones, big, small, we fallen and raised, sometimes we have not arrived.

But today we are here, in Thailand, with our two dogs, working on a project, BorninThailand, dreamed in a night like others, but that motivated us for two years to succeed in reaching it. We are getting to know a country, a culture, which immediately made us feel special, that in the first short visit gave us so much and made us understand that we could give a lot. We came here with our head, but above all with our hands, ready to get them dirty; Yes!! because this is what we like, get involved, get busy, and that’s why we introduce ourselves as Manossusias.
We are not a collective or a studio and not even a Latin music duo, we are our way of doing things.

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