Wood Bike Handle – The Making Of

October 15, 2014manossusiasExperimentalNo Comments

Early in the summer we had the amazing idea of restoring a 1960 Messina city bike, we started with huge expectations of using it for the summer rides, instead it turned up to become our summer job!, we have to admit it was pretty much turning like our dream bicycle, so for the last details, not finding anything interesting on the “friendly” bike markets in town, we decided to create a wood handle (maybe we are just wood lovers and we are always unconsciously searching for a good excuse to use it). Our challenge was to make a double curve, like the traditional aluminium handles, without an iron soul/ structure, the procedure is shown in the photos, the conclusion: its beautiful but not so resistant, Avoiding the iron possibility, we made a glass fibre cover, making it waterproof and improving the torsion resistance.


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