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Paray is a concept of high tech wash basin, designed  for the  2014 Cristalplant design contest. the starting point was to reduce ornaments to their  minimal expression by  eliminating the tap and instead using a touch-sensor mechanism. The clean line enhances the sensation of the falling water and taking advantage of the moulding characteristics of the […]

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January 29, 2015manossusiasPlasticNo Comments

Greenpot is a modular set of gardening pots for aromatic plants , its organic form makes of healthy lifestyle also a design matter. Its divided in two containers that permit the plants to self-watering through absorption.It is made of LDPE in injection mould and with a beautiful bright color palette that the user can choose […]

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October 16, 2014manossusiasPlasticNo Comments

tuffathe is a funny tea diffuser, was designed for the young guzzini line called e-my witch objects are ironic and amusing. is made out of silicon so it represents the consistency of the character. the dive men carries all the flavor with him so you can enjoy yourself making splash the boiling water, or just […]

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