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“BE+ be smart be your city” it’s a social system for communities, consists in a web platform where we can share initiatives, good actions and a time bank in order to increase the social responsibility and stimulate human dynamics in the neighborhood through a scheme of social credits that can be expendable with the different […]

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Free Bike sharing System for Rome Doceo is a free bike sharing system, designed for Rome city. you can acces to the bicycles by a bracelet with a chip, this is distribute in the hotels along with a city map and different routes sheets that suggest several ways to know the eternal city in a […]

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Jowie is a social robot designed to be the sidekick for the youngest warriors at the oncology ward, it can be completely personalized and according to the child imagination it changes its personality.It’s equipped to perform games, tell stories, project films or even video call. it’s super soft so it can be hugged. Jowie is […]

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