Route to Thailand

February 19, 2015manossusiascompetitions, Experimental, IED, SilkNo Comments

THAI FABRICS THROUGH ITALIAN EYES, is the name of the contest we are currently participating. Thai embassy in Roma has commissioned to six teams of young designers the creation of souvenir accessories, using their handmade silk from different provinces as the theme raw material. The challenge was to propose a piece of fashion that represented Italian style using their fabric, thus creating a fusion of cultures.

Our propose is to use silk as the characterising element, putting it as an insert to a more neutral material, in this case is the bamboo, which allow silk to get more emphasis. just like a diamond on a ring.

As we did not want to create just an object, the kit, composed by sunglass, soft sunglass bag, case and a scented postcard, is thought to be “THE GIFT OF VISION”, letting you experience with your own eyes the crafts of the land of smiles, so its quality and uniqueness.

Now waiting for the jury decision, waiting for the gift of sound and vision!!


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