Close Up of – Milano Design Week 2017

May 3, 2017manossusiasDesignWeekNo Comments

As young designers, this week represents every year a great opportunity to refresh our state of the art. Against expectations we found difficult to relate to this idea/representation of design, This was the second time I visited MDW and I returned “home” with more questions than answers, because:
1.Why everyone seems so fascinated by things they can barely permit themselves?
2. Il Salone del mobile, wich is the official space for companies held at Rho Fiera could be described with one word: quantity.
4. Salone Satellite had lots of empty spaces, been the young designers’ display within the Fiera, leaves me a massive (?) in my head.
5. Design seems a reality outside reality, as current social, political, economic and environmental issues were slightly touched.
Questions usually make people react, hope not been the only ones to have them!

Favourite moment of the week: Studio Swine installation for COS.
This year we preferred to highlight close ups that the general picture, take a look in the gallery above.



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